June 29


The Hidden Potential of Everyday Objects for Self-Defense

By Blas Vegas Carrasco

June 29, 2023

The Mighty Pen (or pencil): Unveiling the Hidden Potential of Everyday Objects for Self-Defense

Who would have thought — everyday objects for self-defense? Interesting...

When we think of self-defense, we may often times conjure images of martial arts "experts" doing fancy mumbo-jumbo or cool gadgets that sometimes double as a key chain (all of which are lame but I digress). However, the truth is that in our everyday lives, we have a simple and readily available tool that can serve as an effective self-defense weapon: the humble pen (or pencil). In this blog, we will delve into the surprising ways these improvised pointed objects can become powerful allies in protecting ourselves, and explore the underlying principles that make them viable self-defense tools. 


Accessibility and Discreteness

One of the greatest advantages of using a pen, pencil, or any other improvised pointed object is their ubiquity. We carry them around in our bags, pockets, or even hold them in our hands. This accessibility allows us to transform an ordinary object into a defensive weapon instantly, without arousing suspicion or alerting potential attackers. In a world where we never know when danger might strike, having an inconspicuous tool for self-defense becomes invaluable. In more ways than one, the pen can be mightier than the sword.

Psychological Deterrence

Self-defense is not solely about physical strength; it also involves psychological factors that can deter potential attackers. When faced with an assailant, the unexpected sight of a pointed object can disrupt their plans and instill a sense of caution. The mere presence of a pen or pencil brandished confidently can convey to the assailant that you are prepared to defend yourself, potentially causing them to rethink their actions. More importantly, just knowing how to use it allows one to walk with confidence; thus not looking like a victim. NOT looking like an easy victim, in many cases, is a great deterrent.

Targeting Vulnerable Areas


The effectiveness of a pen or pencil as a self-defense tool lies in its pointed tip. This feature allows for precise targeting of an assailant's vulnerable areas, such as the eyes, throat, or solar plexus. A quick and well-placed strike with a pointed object can cause significant pain, distraction, or temporary incapacitation, providing you with a crucial opportunity to escape or seek help. Not to mention that a sharp tip can penetrate soft tissue quite easily with the right amount of force. However, it is important to emphasize that self-defense should always prioritize escape and only employ force as a last resort.

Improvised Techniques

While a pen or pencil may not possess the same structural integrity as a purpose-built self-defense tool, it can still be used effectively by employing improvised techniques. By holding the pen or pencil firmly, like an extension of your hand, you can enhance your striking power and accuracy. Techniques such as hammer fists, thrusting jabs, or even slashing motions can be employed with a pointed object, maximizing its potential as a defensive weapon. Regular practice and familiarity with these techniques can greatly enhance your ability to defend yourself. Which is why we recommend training with a qualified self-protection professional.

Legal Considerations

picture of scale and gavel

It is crucial to note that laws regarding self-defense vary across jurisdictions. Before considering any self-defense tool, it is important to familiarize yourself with the legal implications in your area. In many cases, improvised objects like pens or pencils are considered everyday objects and fall within the boundaries of legal self-defense tools. However, remember that the primary goal of self-defense is personal safety, not escalating violence unnecessarily. My advice, become very familiar with the self-defense penal code in your state and seek the advice of a legal professional if you want further clarity. This is a BIG part of self-defense that many never consider. Do the right thing and do your research!


In a world where personal safety is of paramount importance, we should embrace the idea that self-defense is not limited to traditional tools or techniques. The pen, pencil, or any other improvised pointed object can serve as an effective self-defense tool due to its accessibility, discreteness, psychological deterrence, and the ability to target vulnerable areas. Understanding and practicing improvised techniques with these everyday objects can empower us to protect ourselves when confronted with physical conflict.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that self-defense should always prioritize a personal strategy of avoidance, evasion, escape, seeking help whenever possible, and then physical training. Physical force should be a last resort, and the decision to employ any self-defense tool should be made responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. By recognizing the potential of everyday objects like pens and pencils, we can equip ourselves with an additional layer of self-protection.

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