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What is Modern Edge Tactics?

Modern Edge Tactics is a self-protection and personal safety program. Thus, I designed MET to help you develop functional self-defense skills as efficiently as possible. Giving you the confidence to protect yourself and those you care about. While functionality is at the core of what we teach, you'll also learn how to fight when it matters.

Furthermore, much of what is being taught in martial art schools today is being pitched as "self-defense". When in fact you are learning the sportive side of a once combative system. For that reason, our clients learn how to adapt striking, grappling, and joint locking, and make improvisational use of their environment. As a result, you'll discover how to gain an advantage to avoid or overcome physical conflict. 

In the MET program you'll develop confrontation strategies and tactics and empty-hand combative skill acquisition. We achieve this through various conflict scenarios and hard-target simulation training. Additionally, there's a mental and non-physical aspect to the training as well. We'll prepare you on what to do before you even need to defend yourself. If you want real-world self-protection skills without the martial art formalities — then Modern Edge Tactics is for you.

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About Blas Carrasco


Hi, Blas here! I'm the founder and chief instructor of Modern Edge Tactics. My martial arts journey started in 1998 at the Aikido Club of Denton then shortly thereafter began training under Sensei Eric Mattingly. The Cross Training Center (CTC) was one of the first "mixed martial arts" gyms in Dallas where we trained Muay Thai, Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Kali (stick, knife, and empty hands), and Kung Fu San Soo.

While at CTC, muay Thai became the fighting system that my entire foundation was built on and in 2002 I took a one-way flight to Thailand where I lived and trained with 3X Lumpinee Champion Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong. It was a great experience! While I was there, I also had the pleasure of learning and training with some of Thailand's greatest fighters and trainers.

Having been a martial arts instructor for over 20 years, I've had the unique experience of teaching all types of people from varying backgrounds — men, women, kids, teachers, law enforcement, military, blue collar, white collar... you name it, I've taught them.

Teaching people how to protect themselves with the right mindset and methodology is my passion.

Quick highlights:

  • Black Belt under Eric Mattingly
  • Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Nate Halford
  • Contact knife fighting, stick fighting, and flexible weaponry under Vincenzo Pappano
  • 25 years of martial arts experience
  • Muay Thai Specialist
  • Amateur fight experience

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