Professional Testimonials & Recommendations


Vincenzo Pappano - Six Year Combat Veteran & Executive Chef

Mr. Carrasco is a well rounded and versatile martial artist who is highly trained in several martial arts and sport fighting. I highly recommend Modern Edge Tactics for anyone who is concerned with “real life scenarios and situations” and a “no nonsense approach” to defending one’s self, family, and loved ones.


Ryan Stewart - Owner of Parker County Brewing Co.

I was a student of Blas Carrasco for many years. He is a great teacher and his martial arts skills are top notch! So much of my success today comes from lessons learned during those years!


Tim Taylor - Project Manager, Salesforce

Modern Edge Tactics is the exact blend of skills, mindset and teaching that I’ve been searching for, plus Blas is pretty awesome. My family and I are looking forward to many more sessions.

Thank you Blas for coming back to Texas!


Michael FlickingerArmy Private First Class 

I trained with Blas for many years, he is a highly knowledgeable teacher and is great with breaking down all tactics, so even hard learners can soak up all he teaches from his vast knowledge of combat tactics and martial arts. The years of training that I had with Blas followed me into the military and I am now on my way to being a combatives instructor as well. My training with Blas gave me the tools needed to excel in combatives, among other things, before the military and while in the military. Blas is a great instructor and I would always recommend him to anyone looking to learn not just self defense but a skill set that will give you the mindset for your daily life, for life!

jaden mitchell showing wrapped hands for kickboxing

Jaden Mitchell - Muay Thai Competitor

Top tier training all around — Blas is amazing at what he does. I’m super grateful to learn such valuable skills from someone so knowledgeable. Always a great experience drilling and learning proper terminology of the technique being taught. Not only will you learn great martial arts skills you’ll learn life skills too. Highly recommend if you want to learn to really protect yourself and have an edge.

Letters of Recommendation